Road Running

Senior Men’s and Ladies Road Race Grand Prix Series
The Senior Grand Prix series is based around local road races that take place in our area. Each athlete has their own handicap for each distance (10Km, 10 Mile and 1/2 Marathon) or race if the race is not an exact distance such as the Blaydon race. The more time they knock off their time the more points they receive and the further away from their time the less points they receive. If you are doing a distance or event for the first time you will receive 40pts automatically.

The handicap time is based on the the athletes performances from the previous two years ie for 2013 handicap times it is the times form 2011 and 2012 that count.

For both the the men and ladies it is the best 8 events to count. The winners being the athletes with the most points at the end of the year.

Races on the Grand Prix Series dates for 2018

No. Race Date
1 Blyth 10Km 8th April
1 Designated Derwentside AC Tour Race – Berlin ½ Marathon 8th April
3 Sunderland 10Km 13th May
3 Sunderland Half Marathon 13th May
4 Pier to Pier 20th May
5 Blaydon Race 9th June
6 Great North 10Km July
7 Durham 10Km July
8 Gateshead Trail Race 11th August
9 Great North Run 8th September

Report on 2018 Road Race competitions
Race Reports
Berlin 1/2
17 Derwentsiders had an excellent weekend away in Berlin. Nine of us also managed to sneeak in a Park run on the Saturday.

In the race itself there were some excellent performanaces. The birthday boy Graham had aa excellent run to break 1 hour 30 minutes for the first time with some excellent pacing.

Claire Wilkie again smashed her PB by nearly 6 minutes. Claire pither also recorded a PB as did Sarah Thompson knocking over 12 minutes of her previous best time.
Dave Reay and Brian Buckley were 2nd and 3rd home for the club after Graham.
The ladies were led home by Fiona Gilchrist who only just missed breaking 2 hours by 9 seconds. Claire Wilkie was 2nd to finish from the ladies with Janet Brooks 3rd to finish. Well done to all completed the 1/2 marathon in very warm conditions.

The international handicap race this year was won by Sarah Thompson.
Thanks to Wayne Thompson for all the organising of a fantastic weekend of running, we are looking forward to seeing where the international race will be next year.

Blyth 10Km
Not as glamorous a destination as Berlin how ever this race still proves popular with club members.
There were some impressive performances. With Clare Williamson breaking her PB well done Clare.
John Donneky was first to finish for the club breaking his handicap time by just one second. Steve Dickson had a solid run as did Michael Harrison and Liam Taylor.

The early leaders in the Grand Prix series are Claire Wilkie, Clare williamson and Sarah thompson who are all on 100 points.

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