Training Plans
Couch to 5k – beginners running plans from the NHS
Run Britain Training Wizard – Selectable training plans from 1 mile to Marathon dstances
Marathon training – Free Marathon training plans from the Official London Marathon site

Runners World guide to Stretching for runners – Essential stretches, including descriptions and videos
Stretching for Runners – Information from

Foam Rolling
How to use a foam roller – Tips from Runners World magazine on how to use a Foam Roller

Choosing running shoes – How to choose a running shoe, do you need supoprt, neutral, a shoe for racing, training?

(for information purposes only, if you’re worried about an injury that won’t clear up, please discuss with a medical professional)
Feet – information on foot pain
Runners knee – Details about ‘Runners knee’ aka Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Illiotibial Band Syndrome – Information about the IT Band, a recurring and difficult to treat common running injury
Shin Splints – catch-all term for anything that hurts below the knee!
Plantar Fasciitis – Information on treating and dealing with ‘policeman’s heal’!

Self Massage – tips for keeping your body injury free
Self Massage the Runners Way – tips from Runners World

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