Handicap races

Senior Monthly Handicap Series
The Senior Monthly handicap takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. The winner is the person who gets closest to or knocks the most off their time. A plaque is awarded to each monthly winner at the annual presentation evening.
Each monthly handicap time is based on the athletes previous 6 races not 6 months with the best time to count.
The handicap times are also reviewed at the end of each year, and your handicap for the January handicap will be either your best time from your last six races if done within the last two years or your best handicap time from the last two years if you have done less than six races in that period.
The yearly winner is the person with the most points from their best 8 handicap races.

For both the Summer and winter Handicap you will have a choice of doing either the short Course (3.7 Mile winter, 3.6 Mile summer) or a long Course (5.5 Mile summer, 5.7 Mile winter).

All those taking part will be required to nominate what course they are doing before they start the handicap.


Senior December Handicap Report

A good turnout for the last handicap of the year with 18 senior members running and a good night for running.
The December handicap was won by Angela Riberio who knocked nearly 2 minutes of her time Dave Murray finished in an impressive 2 nd place again breaking his handicap time, Kelly Dunn finished in a determined 3 rd place.

Well done to all who took part and congratulations to Angela on a fine win. Ben, Tom and Nicole all ran qualifying times for the handicap well done to all three.

In the overall series we saw a very close finish to the competition coming down to the last handicap race of the year. It was also a close finish between the two contenders with Dave just catching Kelly in the last few hundred meters to win the overall competition for the 2 nd time Dave last won the handicap series 17 years ago in 2002. Well done to both Dave and Kelly for giving us a tremendous climax to the handicap series and for all their determination throughout the year.

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Junior Handicap Report
The first Junior handicap of the year will certainly be a one to remember.
There were 25 juniors taking part, two of them for the first time, Ava Local ran her first in a time of 8 minutes and 3 seconds, placing her in her 3rd place on the girls all time list for the 2 laps, well done Ava.
Annabel Moore also competed in her first handicap on her first night at the club a huge well done to Annabel.

Eight of the Junior athletes broke there handicap times and one equalled hers. Incredibly we had a first for the junior handicap with one finishing in either 2nd or 3rd place as we had three junior tying for 1 st place all of them knocking 12 seconds off their handicap times. Well done to Summer, Abi and Liam who all ran very well. Abi managed to walk away with the handicap plaque however both Summer and Liam will both receive a handicap plaque eventually.

If there are any parents that would be willing to help please let Brian know at: coachbuckley94@gmail.com

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