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Senior Monthly Handicap Series
The Senior Monthly handicap takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. the winner is the person who gets closest to or knocks the most off their time. A plaque is awarded to each monthly winner at the annual presentation evening.

Each monthly handicap time is based on the athletes previous 6 races not 6 months with the best time to count. The handicap times are also reviewed at the end of each year, and your handicap for the January handicap will be either your best time from your last six races if done within the last two years or your best handicap time from the last two years if you have done less than six races in that period.

The yearly winner is the person with the most points from their best 8 handicap races.

For both the Summer and winter Handicap you will have a choice of doing either the short Course (3.7 Mile winter, 3.6 Mile summer) or a long Course (5.5 Mile summer, 5.7 Mile winter). All all those taking part will be required to nominate what course they are doing before they start the handicap.

Position Points
1st 50
2nd 48
3rd 46
4th 45
5th 44
6th 43
7th 42
8th 41
9th 40
10th 39

Senior July Handicap Report
Well done to all, the senior who ran this month. 14 members took part 3 running the handicap for the first time well done to Emma, Jackie and Michelle.
Congratulations to John Donneky who knocked 17 seconds off his handicap time and set a new course record in the process finishing in a time of 27:40.

In the overall series Mark Charlton now has a 14 point lead from John Donneky with
Sam Redgate a further 4 points behind in 3rd place. There are still another 5 handicaps to run this year, there is still a long way to go yet, however these three are steadily moving away from the rest of the field.

The next senior handicap will be on 7th August, if you would be interested in volunteering to help out please email Brian on the email address below:

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Junior June Handicap Report

Another excellent turnout for the junior handicap this month. 18 juniors took part 9 of them either equalling or breaking their handicap times. Well done to all who took part and to those who beat their times. Liam Townson won the junior handicap this month knocking 26 seconds of his time.
Oscar Burton finished in 2nd place and Freya Carlyon finished in 3rd place. Callum very nearly broke the course record for two laps just missing it by 2 second he is now ranked 3rd overall for the handicap time behind only Luke Taylor and Nathan Waters.

In the overall series Noah is now in the lead by 7 points from Oscar Burton with Grace Pither another 7 points behind in 3rd place.
It is worth remembering that it is the best 5 from the 6 handicap this year as also there will be no junior handicap in August, if this is taken into account all those that have over 130 points and have only run 3 handicaps still have a very good opportunity to win the overall series.

If there are any parents that would be willing to help please let Brian know at: coachbuckley94@gmail.com


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