Handicap races

Senior Monthly Handicap Series
The Senior Monthly handicap takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. The winner is the person who gets closest to or knocks the most off their time. A plaque is awarded to each monthly winner at the annual presentation evening.
Each monthly handicap time is based on the athletes previous 6 races not 6 months with the best time to count.
The handicap times are also reviewed at the end of each year, and your handicap for the January handicap will be either your best time from your last six races if done within the last two years or your best handicap time from the last two years if you have done less than six races in that period.
The yearly winner is the person with the most points from their best 8 handicap races.

For both the Summer and winter Handicap you will have a choice of doing either the short Course (3.7 Mile winter, 3.6 Mile summer) or a long Course (5.5 Mile summer, 5.7 Mile winter).

All those taking part will be required to nominate what course they are doing before they start the handicap.


Senior March Handicap Report

The last of the winter handicaps well until October went really well with 8 members breaking their handicap times from the 15 who ran the handicap. Congratulations to Sarah mason who knocked nearly 2 minutes off her handicap time to win this month’s handicap. Kelly Dunn had an excellent run to finish in 2nd place breaking 50 minutes for the handicap for the first time. Jacob had a good run to finish in 3rd place it won’t be long before he catches his old man up).

Well done to all who took part good to see lots of PB’s.
In the overall series Dave Murray has narrow lead from Kerry Thompson who both ran well this month breaking their handicap times.

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Junior October Handicap Report
This month’s handicap was won by Adam Wilkie who knocked nearly 1 minute off his handicap time, well done and congratulations to Adam. Laila Pipe finished in 2nd place knocking 20 seconds off her time and Grace Pither finished in 3rd place knocking 17 seconds off her time.
In all 13 of the juniors set new PB’s. Well done to all 17 who took part.

The overall competition was won by Noah Williamson who had an excellent series of handicap results. Congratulation to Noah on an excellent set of results.
Grace Pither finished in an excellent 2nd place with Isla Fishwick and Oscar Burton finishing in joint 3rd place.

Thank you to all the parents and coaches for all your help throughout the year to ensure that the handicap races have run smoothly.

If there are any parents that would be willing to help please let Brian know at: coachbuckley94@gmail.com

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